Making Orientation Personal

A More Engaging Training & Onboarding Experience

OnBoardU delivers premium video-based training based on position, role, location, or preferences. All in a fully-branded package that is refreshingly easy to set up and works on any device.

Because everyone’s path to success is different.

The days of a “one size fits all” Employee Training and Online Orientation are gone. Our onboarding experience complements your in-person training by preparing employees or students with the information they need before they start. This hybrid approach makes your training program much more scalable and makes your face-to-face onboarding time much more effective.

Because when your people come to their first day informed and excited, they’re set up for success.

Professional and Engaging Content Backed by Science.

Story-driven video increases retention and brand perception, which means your incoming employees are not only more informed when they start– they’re more excited to be there. It can increase retention and influence brand perception– helping each employee not feel more equipped to succeed and more excited to engage in your culture.

Our unique ability to deliver comes from our partnership between leaders in the first-year experience and an award-winning content and marketing agency. We offer three packages to meet just about any budget. And the platform is available on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Tracking progress and boosting retention with built-in intelligence.

Once an employee is assigned a set of modules, their progress is tracked automatically– even how much of an individual video they’ve watched. They can finish their program at their own pace, and the system will automatically start them where they left off. And a short quiz after each video makes sure they’re retaining the most important information.

When they’re done with everything they’ll get a certificate that shows they’re ready to get started.

The data and feedback you need to measure your impact.

The OnBoardU platform includes a host of reporting features that make it easy to understand what’s working and what’s not.  You’ll see which videos employees like and which they don’t so you can make sure they’re engaged. You can see how many employees have started and how many have finished, and which modules each person has completed.  And you can measure the impact of the experience on key success metrics with pre and post-testing.

We’ve designed the system to play nicely with all your other systems and departments– from IT to marketing to research.

Working with the [OnBoardU] team has been great. They’ve helped us to serve nearly twice as many students with the same staff– and made our in-person orientation much more effective.Orientation Director
I love the program. I felt much more prepared when I came onto campus.Student
Working with the [OnBoardU] team has been great. They understand the first year experience and serve as true partners.University Dean

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