Making Orientation Personal

Making Online Training & Orientation Personal

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The OnBoardU program is a subscription-based service that includes premium video-based training content and a web-based training platform that is branded to your institution and delivers content based on the user profile.

Premium Training Content

We work with you to develop or refine your online training curriculum, then produce premium video content that is engaging and informational. We combine principles of education, storytelling and marketing to create a training program that people actually want to participate in. 

Individualized Pathways

Our platform is set up to match the content with the people who need to learn it. Every person who goes through the system will get the content that matches the attributes in their profile, whether it’s based on their department, preferred language, location, status, major, or interests (or pretty much anything else). 

Complete Learning Modules

Each module includes a video, a one-question quiz, a title and description, and any additional resources that are relevant for the module. This could be a form they need to complete, a link to a website, or a resource to download. 

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Once an individual is assigned a set of learning modules, the system tracks their progress along the way. All the way down to how much of a video within a module each participant has watched. Administrators get an easy-to-use dashboard and downloadable reports. 

Fully Branded to You

Your platform will have a custom domain and graphics and colors to reflect your brand. We’re perfectly happy being behind-the-scenes, powering the platform and the content that helps your people succeed. 

Hands-Free IT

We’ve made the system easy to use for everyone, including your IT Department. It’s fully set up, hosted, and maintained by us. We can work with your team to get Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled so your users don’t need another account. And your security team will be happy too– we only enough data to get people the right content and track their progress. 


Working with the [OnBoardU] team has been great. They’ve helped us to serve nearly twice as many students with the same staff– and made our in-person orientation much more effective.Orientation Director
I love the program. I felt much more prepared when I came onto campus.Student
Working with the [OnBoardU] team has been great. They understand the first year experience and serve as true partners.University Dean

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